Plumbing Hardware and Accessories At the Best Prices

Plumbing materials mainly consist of pipes, metal fittings, strainers, hoses, gaskets, valves, and other piping materials. The plumbing system entails the installation of pipes that are used for carrying water and liquid waste to and fro. At Hawd Al Kawthar we strive to aim for excellence at supplying plumbing equipment for all sorts of household and industrial needs. We have over the years served a long-range of happy customers. The company owing to its sheer hard work has earned name and fame for delivering products of unparalleled quality in the market. We are pioneers in the real estate industry and are a leading name when it comes to supplying plumbing materials. We strive hard to become a high performing organization catering to the needs of plumbing supplies of our customers..

The trust of our esteemed customers is largely because the central theme of our work line is to provide materials of proper safety standards set by the authorities. The materials are picked on parameters such as how safe is it to operate, how less likely can it cause accidents or injuries, etc. Only those products are filtered into the company's supply chain which stands up to the high safety standards of the firm.

Hawd Al Kawthar has often been accredited with the title of being the trendsetter in the piping industry. This is largely because the supplies that we deliver are of exceptional variety and are picked keeping in mind the lifestyle pattern of our customers. Efficient workflow and delivery systems developed over the years has been like a cherry on the cake for us. We have over the years also worked on the valuable customer feedback that we have received and have thus, further sharpened our network.

The efforts that we at Hawd Al Kawthar have put in has shown fruitful results in the form of newer and latest plumbing technologies that we have procured to offer to our customers. We have always stood up to the expectations of our customers.

The pipes used for plumbing needs are most of the time made up of carbon steel, malleable iron, polyvinyl chloride or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. ­There are strainers used that help in filtering out the solid particles and debris from entering into the water channel. Moreover, these sieves are built from metal or any other similar substance that is rust-resistant since these are always immersed in water and are likely to become dysfunctional if rusted. Hawd Al Kawthar provides various types of hoses as well such as hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses, rubber hoses, spiral wire hoses, and vacuum hoses. Next, there are valves available at Hawd Al Kawthar which are used for regulating the flow of the water supply. These valves are again of myriad types such as ball valves, butterfly valves, etc. Apart from these some of the other types of plumbing materials available at Hawd Al Kawthar are:

  • Pipes&fitting
  • Wash Basin
  • Closets
  • Sanitary
  • Water Heater
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Floor Drains

Hence you see Hawd Al Kawthar has a lot of products to offer when it comes to your piping needs. So, next time you are looking for any plumbing materials, give us a chance to serve you.