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Are you looking for the best Plumber or electrician in your area?

Don't you feel annoyed when a nice day is ruined by you running around to get a task done? The frustration is moreover hyped when the task at hand is something as meager and yet necessary such as fixing a faucet or mending electrical wiring. People tend to avoid a temporary solution when it comes to these miscellaneous chores.

Furthermore delays in getting these fixes done also tend to irate people and hence, we have developed a magnificent chain of service providers who can get your job done in no time and hassle-free at the same time.

Say why not get these jobs done with the help of trained professionals in the field. At Hawd Al Kawthar you are bound to feel the burden lifted off your shoulder as we shall take care of all of your wiring/ plumbing needs instantly. You need not fret over these minimal tasks anymore.

Now with the services of Hawd Al Kawthar seeping in you will not have to waste an entire day, be it a holiday or a day that you took off work in getting your plumbing or electrical requirements fulfilled.

Hawd Al Kawthar is beyond doubt your one stop stand for all your electrician/ plumber requirements. The dexterous team at Hawd Al Kawthar has been trained well to handle even the tiniest of the tasks such as installing a ceiling fan to the most complex of these such as commercial plumbing.

We understand your hesitation. Your place needs high security and so you would never want to compromise the safety of your belongings and loved ones by permitting entry of an unknown technician. The hesitation is quite understood. But do not worry. We have it covered as well. While getting our servicemen on board we, at Hawd Al Kawthar, run a proper and thorough background check of the said electrician/ plumber. After all, safety first, remember.!

Well trained professionals with several years of hands-on experience are sent to your place to get your job done. It is owing to these minute details that we cater to that has led us to be the front runners in this domain and have managed to secure the trust of many clients. A few other salient features of our services include:

  • No lazy lethargic attitude when it comes to getting work done. We maintain a work time range of 8 am to 9 pm for our services
  • No heated debates over the rate and charges of the service rendered. We follow a policy whereby the price is pre approved and settled on beforehand and then the serviceman is sent to your location
  • Various modes of booking a technician available. You can book your serviceman via dial-up calls or through the online mode as per your preference
  • A 24/7 working window allows you to book an expert anytime

So, you see next time you are in need of a Plumber/ Electrician feel free to get in touch with us and allow us to serve you.!