Hardware Store

Building Materials & Hardware Store

At Hawd Al Kawthar, we believe in providing end-to-end solutions for all the hardware needs for almost anyone and everyone. Whether you are an individual or a business, we will have all the possible and relevant hardware solutions for you. In our history of over 30 years of working in the Saudi market, we have been the trusted suppliers of building material, plumbing solutions, electrical equipment, home decor, DIY materials, basic hardware repair and safety tools as well.

We have served over a million clients over the years and we pride ourselves in being the hardware shop of their choice. It is an honor for us, that our patrons have been so kind that we have had such an extended opportunity of serving the kingdom.

Our History

Hawd Al Kawthar was started in 1990 as a small hardware shop business in the Saudi Market. However, we kept growing and today we provide holistic hardware solutions for individuals as well as businesses.We used to restrict to local orders initially but have been taking all over Eastern provience

Whom Do We Cater to?

Home-owners & DIYers

Be it plastic chips, small pipes for decoration, tapes, coverings, paint brush, water colours, fabric colours, home décor material, we deal in all of it. For easy assistance and as and when required, our employee will come to your home to have the fittings done as well.


Not always does a contractor look at buying, a lot of times it is about renting and some of the times it is about accumulating resources too. At Hawd Al Kawthar, we provide all such services as well.


Starting from building material, to paints, hardware, door knobs, fitments, toiletries, electrical equipment, at our hardware shop, we provide solutions for all. The delivery is made in a timely manner with a thorough quality check done so that you may focus on the work and not the delivery and other operational aspects of it.


Going on an excavation or even if you are an organisation looking at landscaping, whatever your needs are, we are sure to fill them up for you.